Pierre Vervloesem


OVD015 : Pierre Vervloesem / Pot-Pourri Vol.3

Eleventh in a chronological series of 11 digital only remastered releases (6 solo (5 augmented with bonuses, lives and remixes), 1 duo, 1 unreleased duo and 3 pots-pourris and coming at the pace of one every month is the Vol.3 of the mini Pot-Pourri series.

The Pot-Pourri series presents for the first time all the never released music ever composed by Pierre Vervloesem.
A long time desire on his personal agenda, it took a few months to Pierre to remember, locate and clean the various old K7, tapes and various mp3 he succeeded to find.
It covers all the material he started to record when he was twenty years old up to now.
The songs here are demos, live recordings, unreleased tracks, various ideas and proper fun times.
We have to thank the various fans and friends who were keeping some of those treasures without Pierre knowing, particularly long time friends and occasional collaborators Jean-Pierre Jonckheere, Alain VDS and Manu Ribot.
Most of all the musicians who played at least once with Pierre can be heard on the tracks and it would be impossible to name all of them ( since Pierre doesn't know for sure who is doing what sometime), but they will probably recognize themselves, notably Richard Belgium who's singing on a few songs.

Digital release on the 3rd of April 2015.

Track listing:
1: Nullo Problemo (Demo)
2: Give It a Punch
3: Old Steel
4: Pot-pourri (Live)
5: Rest in Peace
6: That Night
7: Sparklet Nasal
8: Pim Pam Poum
9: Chez Claude no. 5
10: Speed 10
11: How Could I Be Such a Fool
12: V!
13: Velvet Razor
14: Tidbits
15: Acid Heat
16: Tigadoudou
17: Vreuwr